India Trip Day 8: 16km Route March

After all that unnecessary drama from the day before, I’ve decided that this day I will not engage in any Tuk-tuks or rides that will ‘alter’ my itinerary for that day. Walking it is!

For day 8, I went to the city centre of Jaipur, known as the Pink city. There were several things to do, particularly the Pink city, Hawa Mahal and Albert Hall Museum.

Image may contain: outdoor

The walk is painful, but…

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Hawa Mahal

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Albert Hall Museum

Jaipur is also famously known for its Lassi. The place was recommended by Big Hyung during my Jaisalmer trip! He told me it’s a must-try and it really did not disappoint!

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Lassi Wala!

After exploring these several places, I got back to my hostel and rest until my next train to my next city, Agra. At this point, my knee is killing me. And, all I wanted was just food and lots of plain water hahaha!

It gets quite surreal; knowing the fact that I’ve been out here for such a long time alone and I could really get used to it! But, good things do come to an end, and fun times runs really quickly..

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Night Light



Author: Ying Jie

Hello everyone! My name is Ying Jie. I am a full time student in University of Liverpool, under going its Criminology and Security programme as an undergraduate. Currently based in Singapore. Born and raised in Singapore, I studied for most parts of my life. I enlisted into the Singapore Army in 2014 and went through its Basic Military Training. Subsequently, I was posted to Singapore's Army Officer Cadet School as an Officer Cadet Trainee, training to become a future leader of the Singapore Armed Forces. I successfully commissioned in July 2015 and continue to serve my army times in Officer Cadet School as a trainer until August 2017. I enrolled into my current degree programme on that same year, and learnt a lot about culture, society and perspectives in terms of criminality and societal expectations. Through this blog, I hope to be able to share my stories and opinions through traveling and local perspective.

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